The center brings scientists and engineers from across the University and beyond to discover sustainable market penetrating solutions with following features:

  • Integrated approaches to energy and food production and environment protection
  • Biorefining approach for complete utilization of feedstocks and waste streams
  • Focus on scalability and portability for localized/distributed management and conversion

Current research areas:

  • Treatment, utilization and valorization of liquid and solid wastes
    • Waste problems and opportunities
    • Catalytic microwave assisted pyrolysis and gasification of solid wastes
    • Integrated system for animal wastewater treatment and utilization
    • Non-thermal processes for making clean label food and nutraceutical ingredients from crop residues
  • Non-thermal processing of foods
  • Non-thermal plasma based nitrogen fixation from air and water
  • Inactivation of air-borne pathogens
  • Decontamination of seeds
  • Destruction of PFAS
  • Sustainable animal production systems