The center brings scientists and engineers from across the University and beyond to discover sustainable market penetrating solutions with following features:

  • Integrated approaches to energy and food production and environment protection
  • Biorefining approach for complete utilization of feedstocks and waste streams
  • Focus on scalability and portability for localized/distributed management and conversion

Current research areas:

  • Bioenergy and bioproducts
    • Algae to liquid fuels and nutraceuticals, wastewater management, integrated aquaponic system for wastewater treatment, fish, vegetables, algae
    • Microwave assisted pyrolysis and gasification, fast reactions, pilot systems
    • Hydrothermal liquefaction, wet biomass
    • Biodiesel from scum and algae/algae oil
    • Catalysis
      • Catalytic conversion, syngas to liquid fuels, ammonia synthesis
      • Upgrading, biocrude
    • Biomaterials
    • Scalability/portability, distributed
    • Waste utilization and remediation
  • Food science and engineering
    • Safe, nutritional, healthy food ingredients and products
    • NMR and MRI
      • Physiochemical properties
      • Shelf life
      • Quality
      • Magnetic nano-particle and microbes
    • Whole grains – maximize the health benefits
    • Non-thermal processes
      • Liquid foods
      • Solid foods
      • Others