Center for Biorefining co-sponsors 2012 Sino-US Symposium on Eco-agriculture and Biomass Energy Industry

Center for Biorefining is hosting the Renewable Energy Session of the “2012 Sino-US Symposium on Eco-agriculture and Biomass Energy Industry”. The participants are mainly from faculty members of 12 Chinese universities. They will spend several days in California where they will attend the Eco-agriculture session and visit several CA universities. The delegation will spend three days in the Twin Cities. The Renewable Energy Session will feature speakers from IREE, BBE, AE, and local company on topics ranging from overview of renewable energy R&D at UMN, production and logistics of cellulosic and algal biomass, biomass conversion, biofuel production, wastes management and utilization, and techno-economic analysis and life cycle analysis of renewable energy. Download a copy of the symposium agenda (.pdf)