Bioenergy and Food Projects awarded to Center for Biorefining

The Center recently received funding for several projects aimed to boost research and development efforts to utilize wastes and residues for production of bioenergy and healthy food products:

  1. $1,000,000 from LCCMR to demonstrate innovative technologies for complete utilization of wastewater resources. The technologies involve microalgae biomass production, scum-biodiesel, and sludge conversion.
  2. $125,910 from MNDrive for developing a unique non-thermal processing platform to improve nutritional value and microbial safety of food products.
  3. $150,000  from MNDrive to support three collaborative projects to creating added value from Minnesota food and agricultural waste streams by recycling nutrients through microalgae production, thermochemical conversion, and ammonia production.
  4. $125,000 from Sun Grants and IREE for development of novel fast pyrolysis and gasification processes
  5. $184,366 from  Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station for conversion of turkey wastes to energy via fast pyrolysis and gasification
  6. $378,833 from Sun Grants to develop processes for distributed production of DME based fuels using microwave technology and direct catalytic synthesis
  7. $250,000 from Minnesota Corn Growers Association and IREE for non-thermal plasma assisted synthesis of ammonia from renewable hydrogen.