LCCMR Metro Site Visit to the Center Research Facilities

Friday, August 1, 2014 - 11:45am

On July 29, 2014, LCCMR members and staff visited our research facilities at UMore Park, Rosemount, MN. Center director Prof. Ruan briefed the group on the progress and accomplishments of the past the current LCCMR funded projects. The group later toured the facilities including an outdoor algae production facility and a mobile microwave assisted pyrolysis system, and interacted with Prof. Ruan’s team members.Several industrial partners from Minnesga and enVerde were present.

LCCMR has awarded three projects to the center: (1) ML 2007 5o – “Pyrolysis Pilot Project” was carried out to demonstrate microwave assisted pyrolysis (MAP) technology for converting biomass feedstock to biofuels. A mobile MAP system was built for demonstration. (2) ML 2010 7a – “Algae for Fuels Pilot Project” was conducted to  demonstrate innovative microalgae production technology utilizing and treating sanitary wastewater to produce biofuels from algae. Two pilot facilities were built for demonstration. (3) ML 2014 8c – “Demonstrating innovative technologies to fully utilize wastewater resources” is designed to demonstrate commercialization feasibility of the technologies we developed to utilize and treat wastewater streams to produce biofuels. Major accomplishments/outcomes from these projects include:

  1. Pilot/demo facilities: 2 MAP systems, 3 algae cultivation facilities. 
  2. Number of demonstration: > 15
  3. Patents/disclosures filed: 3
  4. Other funding/grants: > 10 grants, totaling over $3 millions from government agencies and industry 
  5. Collaborators/partners: MCES, 3M, UMore Park (Rosemount), Minnesga Inc., Rural Advantage, enVerde, LLC., SCP Control, etc. 
  6. Papers: over >80;
  7. public presentations: > 80.

Here are some of the pictures taken during the visit.

presentation talk

talk talk


talk talk

demonstration demonstration

facilities attendees